Company Overview.

Company Name Nihon FTB Co.,Ltd.
Location 〒332-0012
1-12-11 Honcho, Kawaguchi-shi,
Saitama 332-0012 , JAPAN
【UL certification 】
Approved number: A1588.

ISO9001: Certified in 2015.
ISO14001: Certified in 2015.
TEL +81-048-223-3216
FAX +81-048-223-3334
Foundation 2nd August, 1969
Accounting period Once a year (June).
Capital stock \50,000,000
(Authorized capitals:\56,000,000)

President and Representative director
Ryoukichi Kazui

Executive vice-president
Michinori Kazui

Mitsuhiro Igarashi

Mitsuo Yamashita

Atsushi Kurihara

Shin Kimura

Number of employees 80
Correspondent Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,
Ueno branch office.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.,
Mikawashima branch office.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.,
Kawaguchi branch office.
Contents of

1.Manufacture and sales of all sorts of the terminal boards.

2.Manufacture and sales of the associated parts which are the attachments for all sorts of the terminal boards.

3.Manufacture and sales of the synthetic resin products.

4.Manufacture and sales of the F-light products.

5.Sales and lease of machinery and appliance for office work.

6.All business which is related with the above statements.

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Our factory
in Thailand




Company History.

The expansion of needs, in addition with the progress of technological capacity.
We have been steadily developing with the repetition of various challenges.

August, 1969 Foundation of the company as Ebiko Terminal Co., Ltd.
Commencement of the manufacture and sales of terminal board which is the insertion type of wiring.
February, 1971 Alternation of the company name to Nihon F.T.B Co., Ltd.
Commencement of supply to National and Private Railways after receiving utility model right of terminal boards for railway signals.
July, 1974 Commencement of production of general molded products which are made of synthetic resin, and also commencement of supply to business machine makers.
October, 1974 Resin molded factory was moved from Setagaya-ku, Tokyo to Nishi-Nippori, Tokyo.
Succeeded in manufacturing and molding resin roller by insert molding.
July, 1978 Resin molded factory was moved from Nishi-Nippori, Tokyo to Shimizu, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka prefecture.
July, 1988 Commencement of manufacturing and sales the molded products which was made of F-Light material.
July, 1989 Head office was moved to Higashi-Nippori, Tokyo.
August, 1990 Resin molded factory was expanded/relocated to Iwatsuki-shi, Saitama prefecture.
March, 1997 Introduction of gas assist system.
November, 2000 Headquarters in Tokyo and factory in Iwatsuki-shi were moved to Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama prefecture.
July, 2001 Commencement of manufacturing the molds which were the in-house production.
April, 2003 Certified the ISO9001.
December, 2003 Certified the ISO14001.
February, 2013 Foundation of NIHON F.T.B (Thailand) Co., LTD
January, 2014 Acquisition of patent right for the "Non-taper screw" by our original method of Nihon F.T.B.
[Patent number: 5462116. ]
July, 2015 Absorption of F-Light Co., Ltd.


Policies for Quality and Environment.

Quality policy of FTB Group.

・Fundamental principles.

Create the product together with our customers. This basic attitude represents our motive force.

・Policy for quality.

  • By taking good care of our customers, to receive the reliance and trust from them.
  • ・Manufacture to fulfill our customer’s requests.
  • ・Offer appropriate suggestion with our advantageous techniques for the different types of business.

・Our objective for quality of our products.

  • Strengthen the technological capacity and promote the proposal type of business activities.
  • We do the communication of a production section and management section frequently.
  • Strengthen the manufacturing power・To diminish the inferior products・To reduce the total cost.


Environmental policy of FTB Group.

Our company is promoting the product of synthetic resin and related products and as a partner of customers, we have been promoting the superior production and appropriate management by considering and suggesting together with them.

At this present stage, the condition of the global environment is depend on how we -the citizens of earth- will make the actions for future. We had already recognized the burden on the environment, so we would like to work on the environmental conservation through the daily operation, together with the customers and the citizens of the local regions who are our main partners.

  • By investigating and evaluating the environmental effects which were caused by our business activities, manufacturing and services, we would like to promote the prevention of spreading the contamination, and also to make the actions of either the effective decline or the curtailment of affection which will be the serious causations to the natural environment. Also, for the purpose of promoting the primary factor which will be the good influence to the global environment, we would like to define the environmental object and goal which should be accomplished within the realms of possibility based on our technical and economical point of views. In the meantime, while revising those object and goal, we would like to establish the environmental management system for the purpose of connecting with the continuous improvement.

  • We always consider the consumption of resources and energies which are related with our business operations seriously. Thus, we would like to promote and enlighten the environmental activities to pursue the reduction of the harmful effect to the natural environment, especially, in the points of discharging the waste and manufacturing the products.

  • We always follow the regulations of legal requirements which are related with our business activities, manufacturing and services, and also we seriously observe the terms and conditions which we had agreed with.

  • These essential principles for the environment are fully disseminated to all of our employees who have been working at our office and factory.



1-12-11 Honcho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama
334-0012, JAPAN

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